You are invited to..... the Twilight Temple Dinner...

The ruined building has no water, no electricity, and obviously no ready-to-use kitchen... We create the kitchen, the dining, and the hall from the scratch. Then, we cast a spell on this abandoned old heritage temple.

For this magical evening, it is waken from a 100-year sleep, and becomes a gorgeous fine dining restaurant with full of beautiful roses, candles, live music, and happy people with joy. Thank you for your efforts, Ms Sacha, all team members, and guests who enjoyed the fine-dining experience with our French/Japanese Dangerous Diners .

We are on Media "Sassy HongKong" on 7 NOV. Mayu's Kitchen's dinner story is at the end of this Sassy HK article.

We are on Media "Sassy HongKong" on 7 NOV.