Mayu’s Kitchen’s private chef service started in 2012 in Paris, France.
We dedicate ourselves to understanding the clients needs and create an private dining menu and experience.

Special events with Family & Friends
Housewarming party
New Years and Christmas party
Welcome and Farewell party
Wine& Sake tasting
Birthday party

Menu | Dining Style | Price & Payment | Planning Guidance | Changes / Cancellation | Terms & Conditions

  • Our menu is based on traditional and fusion dishes of French and Japanese cuisine.
  • Starting from the basic menu: 3 to 4 seasonal appetizers+ 1 stater+1 main dish+ 1 dessert.
  • The menu will upgrade with extra dishes and seasonal ingredients according to your preference and budget.

☬ Dining Style

  • Full course dining:  Similar to restaurant, we serve full tasting menu on individual plates for you to enjoy exclusive dining experience and more formal events.
  • Buffet & Sharing:  From delicious appetizers to desserts, we offer selections of favorite dishes as a set shared menu for your friendly and casual dining experience.
  • Private Cooking Class:   Please find more information on “JAPANESE COOKING CLASS.”

☬ Price & Payment

  • 1,200 HKD to 2,000 HKD per person. ( *cooking class is different price setting, see “JAPANESE COOKING CLASS.”)
  • The minimum order value 6,000 HKD or the 50% of total order value (the higher value) is necessary as deposit to sercure your booking.
  • The deadline is 7 days advance of the event day.
  • The payment can be made by cash, check, or direct bank transfer. (NOT available by credit card)
    The remaining balance is due, cleared in our bank account by the end of the event date

☬ Planning Guidance

When you would like to organize party....

  • 1). -->. Hearing: please give us your party idea and information:
    • What is theme/purpose?
    • Who is guest of owner?
    • How much is budget?
    • When is meal, lunch or dinner & how long?
    • Where is the location?
    • How many of #guests & dietary restriction?
    • What are your kitchen facilities, utensils, plates and cutlery?
  • 2) --> Proposal :
    • Time schedule
    • Dining style
    • Food Menu
    • Kitchen utencils /cutlery advice
    • Professional Servers
    • Quotation
  • Others
    • Meeting and Visiting : Our team may visit your kitchen & location in advance .
    • On the event day, our team comes to your home with ingredients about 2hrs before your event starts.
    • Total presence/work hour is about 4 to 5 hrs.
    • Our service includes preparing the meal, cooking & serving. If you have your own helpers, we appreciate your helpers to do cleaning & serving before/after we use kitchen.

☬ Changes / Cancellation

We require 7 days advance notification of any change in service dates or cancellations.
If 7 days’ notice is not provided, there will be no refunds.
We do not offer any refunds for services purchased.

For further information, please contact us.