2013 to
the present
A partner of gourmet sections in TV5Monde, French television network.
Introducing French food recipes, food cultures and lifestyle.
2014Japanese chef in Ochazuke cooking confrontation show, Japan Expo in France
with the collaboration with Nagatanien Co., Ltd.
2015Food journalist for Ethica – WEB Magazine, “Good for me, Good for the world.”
Reporting French organic food & natural life style with the concept of sustainability and health.
2015Recipe provider for NTT docomo’ application “Sugo-Toku-Contents2."
2015Chef at Dîner Brut' Galerie très confidentielle, by Tables casheés.
2016Alumnus article on Le Cordon Blue Tokyo Magazine, “Journal.”
2016”Home News” in PR newspaper in Kariya City, Aichi.
2016Interviews on Ensemble en Francais, French language online school.
Story #174 and #175
2017“All about tomato” lecture & Interviews on JAPION Hong Kong free newspaper.
2017A guide for “Michelin Chef Food Tour in Aichi-prefecture” by Chukyo TV. Broadcasting.
2021Appointment of “Japanese Cuisine Goodwill Ambassador” by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries,
through Consulate-General of Japan in Hong Kong.
2021Collaboration dinner with Ambassador's Chef at Consulate-General of Japan in Hong Kong.
2021Article on “Active Kariya citizen in overseas!” in the public relation magazine by Kariya City, Aichi-prefecture, Japan
2022Lectures on Japanese Japanese Dining Etiquette: ( Japanese meal table setting (和食の配膳) & Sake serving (日本酒のマナー)in
International Culinary Institute 國際廚藝學院 .
2022-23Zoom Lectures on "cross-food-culture" in Dr. Yoshiko Nakano's "Applied Intercultural Communication" class, Department of International Design Management (IDM), Tokyo University of Science, Faculty of Business Administration.
2023Chef & Dinner Service for "Dangerous Dinner". Articles on South China Morning Post (SCMP), and Sassy HongKong