Helper Cooking Class JUNE 2023


新しいお手伝いさんの料理の上前をあげたい、美味しい和食、ヘルシーな料理が食べたい!という方、下記のクラスで学んでもらうのはどうでしょうか? 和食の基本の調味料、お弁当の作り方、簡単な栄養学やヘルシーに仕上がる料理法、少し幅を利かせて、韓国料理やフレンチも学びます。


We will open a NEW Domestic Helper's Cooking class, starting on 5 June  2023!  

Your helper will get the confidence to cook Japanese, Korean & French for your family and friends. We usually  run a 1 month course that covers  Asian and Western cooking  at once a week.  This course includes many cooking methods such as  mastering Japanese basic ingredients, and healthier ways of cooking vegetables and meat. In each class, the helpers create a  5 to 6  different dishes with their own hands

Cooking Class is Starting, 5 June 2023  every Monday,  2 to 3 hours per day,  4-day course over  3 weeks , + 20 recipes (See the menu below). 

Schedule:  5 ,12, 14, 19 June. ( Every Monday,   plus 14th, Wednesday) 

Time: 10:00am-12:30pm  Hands-on 2 to 3 hour session with the option to stay and eat, or take the food away.  

Location :  Mayu's Kitchen. & Co. ( Kennedy Town / near MTR HKU )  

Fees: Package of 4 classes.  HK$ 720per class per helper  Total is HK$ 2880HKD or  Single-shot 800 HKD per class per helper)

Booking:  "1st come & 1st served" is the rule.   Please contact us with necessary information ①②③ below.   To secure your booking, the payment confirmation is necessary.   After your payment to the following bank account, please send us a copy of your payment slip.  

Please mail us vis our "CONTACT" form or Email :     with

①Employer's Full name & Phone number  

②Helper's Full name & Phone number  

③Food allergies/limitation if any.   

After we confirm your booking & payment, we will give you the full address of  Mayu's Kitchen's venu.  


5 June -Class 1 : Japanese Best & Healthy Bento Box
Master of Basic Japanese ingredients & condiments. (Varieties of Soy Sauce, Mirin, Dashi bouillon, & etc )

-How to choose fresh vegetables & keep freshness of vegetables
-How to make beautiful Bento Box
-Tips of Healthy Bento (5 colors of Vitamin & Nutritions)
-Tender Chicken Karaage (No-deep fried)
-Kabocha (Japanese pumpkin) Teriyaki sauce
-Best Simple Broccoli
-Tamagoyaki (Japanese Omelette)
-Lotus & Carrot.
-Cherry Tomato Heart

12 June - Class 2: Japanese Varieties of Sushi
Master of Basic Japanese Ingredients & Condiments. (rice, vinegar, soy sauce, varieties of seaweeds & etc). * Friendly for No raw fish, Vegetalian; Pescatorian

-Home made sushi rice & sushi vinegar
-Maki Sushi 2 ways (normal + inside-out rolls)
-Temari-sushi (colorful small ball shape)
-Party Chirashi Sushi (Sushi Cake /No-roll sushi)
-Sunomono Salad, (Cucumber, Crab, Wakame)

14 June (Wed) – Class 3: Korean Healthy Meal
Master of Basic Korean ingredients & condiments ( Sesame oil, Gochujang), and Option of Vegetarian, Spicy, Mild flavors

-Bibimbap (the ultimate mix rice bowl)
-Vegetarian Bibimbap
-3 varieties of Namuls : Carrots, Zucchini, Bean Sprouts ,
-Bulgogi (classic Korean grilled beef)

19 June – Class 4: Easy & Healthy French Meal
Cooking tips of less butter, and cream, Basic knowledge of casseroles style cooking.

-How to cook French with less butter and cream
-Chicken Mushroom Dijon sauce
-Herb Aromatic Pilaf
-Orange Carrot rapes
-Quinoa Tabbouleh
-Non Butter Lemon Moist Cake

Please let us know if you are interested.