Girls’ Day "Hinamatsuri" & Chirashi & Temari sushi

Girls' Day or "Hinamatsuri"( Doll Festival) is held on March 3 to pray for the health of girls in Japan over 1000yrs. Families with girls often display special Japanese "kimono" dolls that represent their wedding, since the marriage is believed as the happiest and biggest celebration in girl's life. Offerings made to the dolls include shirozake, chirashi-sushi, and shellfish-clear soup that have special wishes for the girls to have happy and healthy life.

Mayu's Kitchen Japanese cuisine classes highlight the special foods that define monthly & seasonal celebrations.


Students will learn NO -raw- Fish sushi, including how to prepare vegetables to colorful & beautiful sushi ingredients. Also, they will learn Gluten Free japanese SAKURA dessert .

  • Temari Sushi. (Ball-shaped sushi ) & Chirashi sushi ( option of V or VV ) 
  • Shira-Ae Spring vegetables  (VV) 
  • Kinshi-tamago, ( Egg crepe) (V) 
  • Lotus & Yuzu -sunomono (VV) 
  • Clams dashi- broth-soup
  • Sakura -mochi cake ( Salted-Sakura flower and Sakura leaves) (VV, GF)

-V = Vegetarian & VV =Vegan
-The cooking class provide all ingredients and cooking facilities/utensils.
-Students will learn preparation of food, cooking, and presentation, and tasting.
-Students will learn Japanese tradition, cultural aspects of the special celebrated food.
-Students can eat in or take away their portion of food, if they bring their own containers and ziplocks.

Class information

11, 12, 14,15, 20,21 Mar. ( Weekday's class).

NOTE: As a chef -service, You can do this workshop at your home with your friends & families in evening or weekend.  For the information of minimum # participants and costs is  in our “chef service" page.

🔹Time: Group class 10:00 to 13:00 / Private class 14:30-17:00(2 to 3hour, including lecture, cooking , presentation

🔹Location :  Mayu's Kitchen. & Co. ( Kennedy Town) 

🔹Fees: HK$ 850 per person for group class (4 to 6 person) *A class will hold with minimum 4 people.

🔹Fees for private class
- HK$ 2500 per person for private class (1person)
- HK$ 1700 per person for private class (2persons)
- HK$ 1200 per person for private class (3persons)

🔹Booking:  "1st come & 1st served" is the rule.   Please contact us with necessary information ①②③ ④below.   

🔹Send "CONTACT" form or Email :     with

①Your full name & Phone number  
②Dates you can join.  
③How many participants (Group or private)
④Food allergies/limitation if any.   

Other March events and associated special foods.

3rd – Hinamatsuri/Momo no Sekku (Doll Festival ) : Chirashizushi
21st – Ohigan (Spring Equinox) : Botamochi

Mayu's Kitchen Japanese cuisine classes highlight the special foods that define monthly & seasonal celebrations.